kkFor the past few days my 8 month old Kaylin have been teething TREMENDOUSLY!! That means I am in for noisy days and sleepless nights. Although this is my third child I have become well aware of the fact all children are different. So when I found out my LO did not take well to store-bought teething rings, I had to come up with a few more options.

Orajel: This was an instant relief for my little one. I must admit she does not like the numb feeling at first but after a few seconds she is laughing a giggling all over again. There are a few different kinds of Orajel products. I prefer the gel form because I can safely swab her gums with my finger. The tablets are effective as well but since I am a little skeptical about the choking hazard as well as I have two toddlers in the house that would probably assume that they are candy. So I just stick with the gel form.

Hand: Sometime while holding my LO she will grab my hand and pop it in her mouth and just numb away…drool and all. Instead of just pulling my hand away I allow her to just “numb numb” all over it. It helps soothe her temporarily.

Sugar-Free Popsicle: Sometime I treat my mini me with a sugar-free Popsicle. She LOVES it. Not only does she get “sweet treat” but she gets to cool those itching gums as well.

These are a few things that I do to try to calm my LO down. I try to keep her as calm as possible because this can be a really tough time for her and she is looking for that someone to make her feel comfortable and pain-free.