Chapter 1

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Rayfield Manor_The Holloway Curse BOOK COVER

After the memorial everyone gathered in the great room to tell stories about my family. Some of the stories were true but some of them were flat-out lies. Continue reading

Chapter 3

     Behind the Scenes_Ch3 

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    The next morning I walked downstairs and saw that the girls had already left. I had received a text from Bryce a few minutes before saying that we needed to talk. I didn’t know if I was ready but I know we were going to have to talk about this sooner or later. I got dressed really quickly. I didn’t have time to do something to my hair so I put it is a ponytail. I threw on some makeup then ran downstairs and cleaned the front room as quickly as I could. I heard the car pulling in the driveway so I quickly put tossed the rest of the junk lying around inside the hallway closet. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my coffee that was on the counter and sat at the table in the seat facing the outside door to the kitchen. As soon as I sat down and took a deep breath I hear the keys jiggling in the key hole and the door opened with Bryce standing there staring at me. Continue reading

Chapter 2


Behind the Scenes_Ch2

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Everything around me has been a blur since I seen my husband a few hours ago with another woman. The girls decided to come back to my house to keep me company but I couldn’t focus on them. All I could see in my head was my husband holding hands with another woman and getting in the car with her. Why would he lie about going to his friend’s house? Could I be jumping to conclusions? That could just be a female friend from work that I have not met yet. Rylee touches me on the shoulder and says softly, “Sweetie why didn’t you tell us that your marriage was in trouble?” Before I could answer Sheree says boldly, “Hell you need to separate from his cheating ass!” The words ‘divorce’ stabbed me right in the heart and I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down crying and finally let the girls know about everything. I told them about the fights we would have about money and how he complains all the time about me not having a job. I have tried to work on more than one occasion but we couldn’t afford the daycare costs so I decided to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Everything was finally coming out about him complaining all the time about me getting fat. I even told them about the fight where he said I forced him to get married and he felt that he was not the marrying type. While I was crying on Rylee’s shoulder my phone rang and it was Bryce. Continue reading