Let your walls tell your story

I am now in a place big enough for me and my family…AND I LOVE IT!!! Everything about it just says comfort, secure and livable. The only thing is that I have NEVER had to decorate a place. My mother decorated my first place and any place after that I just put my furniture in there and just….lived. Now that I am married and have three little one I want my home to have some personality.  Continue reading


Fall Home Decor

Over the past few weeks I have found out that I have a creative side when it comes to D.I.Y home décor. I have always thought they were too hard or too expensive to do and was proven to be wrong for both theories.  Here are a few of my projects I did for my living room.

Materials used:

Ribbon (I used three different designs) (Wal-Mart & Dollar Tree)

Nature from outside (pinecones, pine straw, leaves, twigs, etc.)

Spray Paint (Don’t matter what kind. I do like the texture effect one of mine gave. It had a stone effect)

Craft Glue: (Chose one that either comes out clear or dry’s clear.)

Long Trumpet glasses (I bought mine at the dollar tree for $1 each.)

Vase (Hobby Lobby)

Bowl (Hobby Lobby)

Large Plate (Hobby Lobby)

Not enough storage space in my kids room!

Kids storage (2)         I have tried to reorganize my children’s room many times but it always seemed as if the room got smaller and smaller. They had shoes everywhere and their toys lived on the floor. Their room was a trap waiting to catch and drop you.

One night my husband brought home some  storage boxes so we could store some papers. He drastically over estimated how much paper we needed to store and we only used one 4 pack of boxes. I had no idea what to do with the other six until I once again had to reorganize my children’s room.

Kids storage (1)I decided to do something different. I printed and cut out some paper and designed some of the storage boxes to make cubby and shelves for my kids room. It worked like a charm. I had made room for their shoes, all their stuffed animals and books.