Let your walls tell your story

I am now in a place big enough for me and my family…AND I LOVE IT!!! Everything about it just says comfort, secure and livable. The only thing is that I have NEVER had to decorate a place. My mother decorated my first place and any place after that I just put my furniture in there and just….lived. Now that I am married and have three little one I want my home to have some personality.  Continue reading


Fall Home Decor

Over the past few weeks I have found out that I have a creative side when it comes to D.I.Y home décor. I have always thought they were too hard or too expensive to do and was proven to be wrong for both theories.  Here are a few of my projects I did for my living room.

Materials used:

Ribbon (I used three different designs) (Wal-Mart & Dollar Tree)

Nature from outside (pinecones, pine straw, leaves, twigs, etc.)

Spray Paint (Don’t matter what kind. I do like the texture effect one of mine gave. It had a stone effect)

Craft Glue: (Chose one that either comes out clear or dry’s clear.)

Long Trumpet glasses (I bought mine at the dollar tree for $1 each.)

Vase (Hobby Lobby)

Bowl (Hobby Lobby)

Large Plate (Hobby Lobby)