My Date With A Hippo

(I created a poem using a word that started with every letter in the alphabet.)

          AS I was walking down the street, I met a guy named BRANDON. We had a short CONVERSATION and we both went our separate ways. Well the next DAY I ran into him again and this is what he had to say. “I have a friend who would love to take you out to EAT. You seem like a FANTASTIC woman to GET along with and I’m sure he would love to meet you. Continue reading




Sometimes I feel like just giving up. I think if I drop something then maybe I could get that little bit of extra sleep I wish I had or that extra time to relax. I want the chance to spend time with friends and family on the weekends without worrying about missing work. Continue reading


The way I look at life today was completely different ten years ago. It was even different three years ago. My perception changed with the changes in life. Some may say that’s a bad thing. Some may say it’s a good thing. But what other people say or think although it can be very relevant, it’s not important. What is important is for ME to decide what’s good, what’s bad, when I should get married, Or have children. It’s up to me to decide If I should be a writer, a dancer or both. If I want to cut my hair or if I should just let it grow. It’s my choice if I want to wear makeup. It’s my choice to fall in love or fall out of love. It’s up to me if I want to spend time with my friends or just stay home alone. Although it may not be pleasing to the eye, it’s still up to me if I want to wash my car, or just wait until it rains again. It’s also up to me to decide who I want to allow in my heart. I decide if I want to go to college, eat healthy, pig out, drink alcohol, or sing very loud in the shower or even in public. And because I make these decisions it helps me better appreciate the things I can’t decide, like death. If you live your life according to you, then you will have no regrets. The point of it all is to be HAPPY!! Live life according to you. If you like him tell him. If she makes you smile then call her. Don’t be unhappy for people who can care less if you even wake up the next day. They probably wouldn’t even come to your funeral. Stop asking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to decide your fate, next meal, hair style, nail polish, outfit, or even if they think you are cute.” Do you think I should…, What would you do if… or Like my status if…” Listen to me, if it makes you smile, if it makes you laugh, if when you go to bed, you are full of joy, then by all means, do it. We have to stop blaming our unhappiness on others and especially the devil, because he is not and will never be relevant in our lives (that’s how you think positive thoughts). It is up to us to choose our happiness. If you a searching for happiness, this is what you do; STOP and just be happy. Its just that easy. Stop searching through people, places, and things. Search within yourself. Do what’s important to you. Make your own rules and live by your own standards. Life is already hard, so try to make it as easy as possible while you are here because one day you will not be. Listen to these words again, one day you will not be here. Your existence will be gone forever. So while you are here, make it worthwhile. Make it legendary.

You Know You are a Mom When……

I found these hilarious facts from Lisajobaker website It actually had me in tears of laughter because we as moms can relate to if not all 98 percent of these.

  1. You are pretty much embarrassment-proof.
  2. A trip to the grocery store alone is your idea of a spontaneous getaway.
  3. You buy enough milk on a weekly basis to sponsor an entire dairy farm.
  4. When you put on make up the kids get excited that you’re all going out.
  5. If you don’t change the toilet paper roll, it doesn’t get changed.
  6. You can’t remember what the words “personal space” mean. Continue reading

Not enough storage space in my kids room!

Kids storage (2)         I have tried to reorganize my children’s room many times but it always seemed as if the room got smaller and smaller. They had shoes everywhere and their toys lived on the floor. Their room was a trap waiting to catch and drop you.

One night my husband brought home some  storage boxes so we could store some papers. He drastically over estimated how much paper we needed to store and we only used one 4 pack of boxes. I had no idea what to do with the other six until I once again had to reorganize my children’s room.

Kids storage (1)I decided to do something different. I printed and cut out some paper and designed some of the storage boxes to make cubby and shelves for my kids room. It worked like a charm. I had made room for their shoes, all their stuffed animals and books.

Parenting tips and today’s technology


Six month old baby sitting in front of a laptop computer       I must admit I feel lost without my cellphone, tablet and laptop. I know. I know. I shouldn’t be so dependent because I know in a few years I am going to be yelling at my children to not text at the dinner table. The questions I hear many times is when is it acceptable to give your child their first cellphone or other acceptable mobile device and what are some rules that should be enforced?

When I first started working back at the Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club back in 2005, (I know that’s a little far back for some people.) I had just had my first cellphone for a little over 6 months. I still was only able to use it before 9pm and NEVER at the dinner table. Oh and let me come home with a grade less than a B, My phone would magically disappear for a month. By the year of 2006 I was watching 6-9 year olds playing on their phones instead of playing games in the facility. It had gotten to the point where there was a rule that banned the use of cellphones at the club. That was when I vowed that if I ever have children they were NEVER getting a phone at that site. Well three kids later and better technology I started to reconsider that decision.

My son will be going to the 1st grade next year. All throughout Kindergarten I have walked him to and from the bus stop because we live in an apartment complex and the kids are dropped off at the front of the complex. (It is a pain sometimes!) Throughout his kindergarten year I would see this little boy in the first grade get off the bus everyday and take his cellphone out his book bag. At first I was like what in the world is he doing with a cellphone at that age. One day my son and him walked together after school, (of course with me not too far behind.) and the little boy pulled the phone out as usual and dialed his mother’s phone number! I was a little surprised because I didn’t even think little one’s at that age could remember phone numbers. (Then again they can remember every song on the radio and every embarrassing moment that happens to you.) Apparently his mother gets off the same time the children get off school and she is always ten minutes later than the bus so she has him call everyday so she can be with him vocally while he walk to their apartment.  I think that is pretty cool.

After many debates and going over pros and cons, me and my husband decided to test our son out with a cellphone JUST FOR GAMES! He actually did pretty good but I still saw how he could just sit for hours and not do anything but play games on the phone.  I had to even tell him not to CROSS THE STREET WHILE PLAYING ON THE PHONE because he wasn’t paying attention. This year his great-grandmother surprised him with a tablet. That was when I decided to come up with a few rules.


1.) No cellphone or tablet after 8pm. (Bed time is at 9pm.)

2.) No technology during meal times.

3.) NO PLAYING ON YOUR TABLET/PHONE WHILE OUTSIDE!!! That is time to play and have fun with toys that goes OUTSIDE!!! :)

4.) NO FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, ETC! I use to let him get on YouTube until I typed in Elmo for him and Elmo was singing a song about pimps and hoes. (Some people are just sick!)

5.) Kid friendly apps only

6.) SCHOOL COMES FIRST!! As soon as I see low scores or poor progress……EVERYTHING is gone!!


Theses are just my rules that me and my husband enforce with our children. You can use them as a guide or chose not to even give rules. These are just some helpful tips for curious parents. :)