Writing my first novel: The Thought Process

I have tried only once before this to write a novel. For some reason I just couldn’t push myself to get past 41 pages. The reason being was that I was using the same thought and organizing process as I would do to write a short story.

Everything would be in my head from the beginning to the end and I wouldn’t have to write it all down because my short stories would be done in less than 30 minutes of me starting to type it. The thing with my first story I tried to turn into a novel I tried to use the same process and failed. I failed because I would try to write everything that was going on in my head but when it came to typing it I would come up with something totally different and change everything around. Eventually I just gave up and vowed to stick with short stories. Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Disaster


  I know everyone has a horrible Valentine’s Day story but I am sure mine beat them all. My name is Calle Lucelle and I have been married to my husband for two years now. I am sort of the “in the box” type of girl. I don’t do nude pictures, sexting or any of that Kim K stuff. I am the old fashion type of wife that just keeps it nice and simple. I’m not going to lie I have thought about a few of those things from time to time but was NEVER okay with acting upon them. I didn’t want my husband thinking I was some kind of “freak”. Well a few weeks ago while on my husband computer I saw him looking at some very “detailed porn sites. I saw somethings I don’t think should ever be tried on a human being. Like there was a woman who had a whip, a red ball and she was……well just use your imagination.

              I was a little hurt that my husband had turned to porn. I thought that our life had always been satisfying. I started checking out these sites and the kind of videos my husband had saved on my computer. After the third or fourth, maybe even the fifth video I decided to talk to my friends about it. I am sure you can imagine how embarrassed I was when I told them and they laughed. They said I had to “let loose” and “be a freak in the sheets.” As hard as it was going to be I decided to try to make it all work. And since Valentine’s Day was right around the corner I decided to practice some new things and debut my new moves that day.

              Two weeks later, hours and hours of porn watching and one more day until Valentine’s Day, I conjured enough courage to be a “freak in the sheets.” I am not going to lie, a part of me was terrified but a part of me was super excited. I had even learned that I needed to create an alter ego. I named her Victoria and I was going to let him know all of my secrets. I know. I know I had to work on it but at the time I didn’t care. I just wanted to show him I could be out the box and he didn’t need any of those nasty porn sites.

              My husband had to work all morning so I used that opportunity to do a little adult shopping. When I first went into the store I was scared to touch anything. I couldn’t believe the things they had in that store. Who in the world uses a butt plug for pleasure?! Well after a while I think I was getting a little too comfortable. I got everything from body paint, wigs, stockings, handcuffs and pretty much anything else that would be out of the box. I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING INSIDE OF A BOX!

              I went home and hid everything under my bed. I could probably hide everything in plain sight and my husband would probably not even notice it. The rest of the day flew by as it would normally. We ate dinner and went to bed. Midnight came and I jumped out of the bed excited and scared all at the same time. It was officially Valentine’s Day and it was time to be “loose” and a “freak in the sheets.”

              I set everything up and I put my little nurse’s outfit on I had bought the day before and I attached my handcuffs to it. I even had a cute black lace mask over my face. I lit the candles around the room and played some soft music. I was finally ready to wake my sexy love bug up. I gently grabbed his arms and tied them to our bed post. He didn’t even budge……that is until I got to his other hand. He woke up yelling, “Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?” He wasn’t going to get me with that. I saw some of those videos he had on his computer and I see he wanted it rough so I played along. I jumped on top of him and used all of my force, I ripped his shirt off and kissed him. He still struggled and tried to get away but I knew from those videos the more they resisted the more they wanted it. Well things went for a wrong turn quickly. With all of the struggling he knocked over the red body paint I had bought to rub all over his body. Some of it splashed on us then fell all over the carpet. I then started to realize that maybe my husband wasn’t joking about being scared. What I failed to mention earlier was that my husband suffered from night terrors and I obviously just conjured one up. Everything suddenly took a quick wrong turn. I untied his hand as quickly as possible. My husband kept screaming and I had to find a way to wake him up so he would realize it was all just a horrible nightmare.

              As soon as his hand was free he flipped over knocking me to the ground and a lamp fell from our night stand. The noise must have been loud because my nosey neighbor was banging on our door yelling if we were okay and that she had called the police. I decided this rendezvous was over and it was time to change before anything had gotten any worse.

              Well as soon as that thought ran through my head I got to be the lucky candidate and have a police officer already in my neighborhood. While the police was banging on the door I quickly ran to my drawer and threw my clothes everywhere looking for my jogging pants and sweatshirt. I quickly threw them on. The police broke through my door and ran upstairs to our room where my husband was still screaming. I jumped back and held my hands in the air to show the good officer that I had no weapon and I tried to explain everything was a big mistake. Evidently me wearing a sweat suit with a mask and red body paint all over my floor and hands didn’t help.

              I am now spending my Valentine’s Day in a jail cell awaiting my husband to finish getting test done at the hospital. When I get out of here I will be buying my husband all the porn he can handle. I don’t think I will ever think “out of the box” again. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.