Friday Five Favorite Male Actors…OK..EYE CANDY!! :)

Now of course these are some great actors that played in outstanding movies and television shows. But come on! You have to admit they do add some pretty good eye candy for the television screen. ♥♥♥

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Music Video of the week

Rhianna and Shakira teamed up to make this amazing song and video, “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” It is a very hot and sexy video which is a must see. You can download the song on iTunes. In an interview with Glamour magazine, Shakira quotes, “She’s the sexiest woman on the planet.”

A Woman’s Body Through the Eye’s of A Man


       One thing we as women have in common is that we have a sense of noticing things men usually don’t. We will notice an odd birthmark, stretch marks, one breast that is bigger than the other, hips too wide and many other things among millions. Some of us will actually sit in the mirror and find things that are wrong with us. Through research I have found that some(adult men) don’t look for the imperfections (as we would call them). They see what makes you the beautiful queen that you are. Continue reading

GA Snow affects traffic

Over 900 car accidents later and 6 fires (one including a Marta train.), GA interstates are still gridlocked. There are people still locked in their cars and places of employment as well as in schools. Places such as the Civic Center, restaurants nearby interstates and gas stations are still open for those seeking shelter. There are even a few civilians walking around the interstate giving away food and water. Continue reading

Writing my first novel: The Thought Process

I have tried only once before this to write a novel. For some reason I just couldn’t push myself to get past 41 pages. The reason being was that I was using the same thought and organizing process as I would do to write a short story.

Everything would be in my head from the beginning to the end and I wouldn’t have to write it all down because my short stories would be done in less than 30 minutes of me starting to type it. The thing with my first story I tried to turn into a novel I tried to use the same process and failed. I failed because I would try to write everything that was going on in my head but when it came to typing it I would come up with something totally different and change everything around. Eventually I just gave up and vowed to stick with short stories. Continue reading

Friday Five Favorite Movies

Everyone that knows me know that I LOVE watching scary(ALTHOUGH I AM THE FIRST TO COVER MY EYES!) and mystery movies. It is hard to narrow them down to just five but I managed to do so somehow. 🙂 Here are my Friday five favorite movies of the week.

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Maintaining your hair while working out

I can’t count the many times I decided NOT to workout because I just got my hair done didn’t want my new hairstyle to sweat out. Especially my edges and we all know those are the first to lose in the battle with hair and exercising. Take a note of the tips that will help your edges win a victory over sweating exercising.

Protect your hair from the sweat!

Protecting your hair as much as possible is a must. If you have long hair try placing it in a high ponytail or bun it the best method. If your hair isn’t long enough to pull back, protective styles such as twists and braids are strongly advised. Use a scarf or headband around the edges of your hair. Use stay dry athletic gear around your edges or hair because the more you sweat the puffier your edges will become.

Allow your hair to dry after workout.

To avoid getting extremely frizzy hair allow your hair to completely dry before taking off the scarf and head-gear. If you are in a rush use the blow dryer on cool setting to help seed the process.

Make a schedule.

Washing your hair everyday as well as sweating everyday from workouts can be detrimental to your hair. IT can become very brittle and will dry it out. Make a schedule of your workout days and appoint a day for a wash. You should wash your hair once a week. If you feel you may need more, a good dry shampoo is simple, fast, effective solution.

Workout in cooler climates.

Working out in cooler climates will help reduce the amount that your sweat into your hair. Refrain from running outdoors during midday in the summer because the heat intensity can be too much for your hair. Try to go running earlier in the day just before the sun sets.

Health before hair.

You should never sacrifice a good workout and staying healthy because of your hair. Keeping a good routine can allow you to have a healthy mind. Working out also promotes hair growth. So make sure your maintain a good diet.

3 Ways to Repair Thinning Dreadlocks


If you have dreadlocks, then you have probably experienced the torturous moments of seeing a few locks that were starting to thin. Just like all other styles, excessive styling can out a strain on your strands and result in thinning. It occurs in two places; either towards the root of your lock or towards the end of your dreadlocks and could result in breakage if not repaired. Take a look a some dread saving tips.


1. Knot Method: This method is suggested for locks thinning towards the end of the hair.

Make a knot with your dread and tighten it around the thinning section. Palm roll the knot to help smooth it out. Repeat palm roll daily until the surface of the section is smooth.


2 Afro Hair Method: This method is for locks thinning towards the middle of hair.

Purchase kinky textures afro hair, With a small portion, two strand it around the thinning section to strengthen lock. Palm roll section to smooth out two strand surface. Repeat palm roll daily until smooth.


Sewing Method: This method can be used for thinning anywhere along the lock. Preferably for those thinning towards the root, though.


Two strand thinning lock with a lock next to it. Choose a thread close to the color of your hair and thread it through a needle and make a knot. Starting at the root, thread the needle through both strands of locks. Thread locks to the end and start making your way back up to the root, sewing the strands together in between stitches you’ve made before. Once at the root, make a knot with the thread avoiding knotting in the same spot as when you started. Cut the thread and palm roll threaded lock. Repeat palm roll everyday until surface is smooth.



Whichever method you choose will successfully repair a thinning lock. Just make sure you see the thinning before it is completely too late.


The way I look at life today was completely different ten years ago. It was even different three years ago. My perception changed with the changes in life. Some may say that’s a bad thing. Some may say it’s a good thing. But what other people say or think although it can be very relevant, it’s not important. What is important is for ME to decide what’s good, what’s bad, when I should get married, Or have children. It’s up to me to decide If I should be a writer, a dancer or both. If I want to cut my hair or if I should just let it grow. It’s my choice if I want to wear makeup. It’s my choice to fall in love or fall out of love. It’s up to me if I want to spend time with my friends or just stay home alone. Although it may not be pleasing to the eye, it’s still up to me if I want to wash my car, or just wait until it rains again. It’s also up to me to decide who I want to allow in my heart. I decide if I want to go to college, eat healthy, pig out, drink alcohol, or sing very loud in the shower or even in public. And because I make these decisions it helps me better appreciate the things I can’t decide, like death. If you live your life according to you, then you will have no regrets. The point of it all is to be HAPPY!! Live life according to you. If you like him tell him. If she makes you smile then call her. Don’t be unhappy for people who can care less if you even wake up the next day. They probably wouldn’t even come to your funeral. Stop asking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to decide your fate, next meal, hair style, nail polish, outfit, or even if they think you are cute.” Do you think I should…, What would you do if… or Like my status if…” Listen to me, if it makes you smile, if it makes you laugh, if when you go to bed, you are full of joy, then by all means, do it. We have to stop blaming our unhappiness on others and especially the devil, because he is not and will never be relevant in our lives (that’s how you think positive thoughts). It is up to us to choose our happiness. If you a searching for happiness, this is what you do; STOP and just be happy. Its just that easy. Stop searching through people, places, and things. Search within yourself. Do what’s important to you. Make your own rules and live by your own standards. Life is already hard, so try to make it as easy as possible while you are here because one day you will not be. Listen to these words again, one day you will not be here. Your existence will be gone forever. So while you are here, make it worthwhile. Make it legendary.

The Transfer of Energy

So the other day at work, I ran into an old school friend of mine. It always feel good running into old friends, but I will soon regret this statement. We hugged. He began telling me about all the things going on his life, and I shared some of mine. Throughout our conversation, he kept reminding me of my beauty and how I suppose to be his girlfriend. But all my mind could focus on was the fact he was MARRIED.  So now I’m trying to cut the conversation short. Luckily for him, he caught the hint………….Well late that night as I peacefully fell asleep, I had a nightmare. It was about my old high school friend and it was featuring his WIFE.  I was trying to figure out why in the world was he in my dream and why did I feel like the bad guy, when I did NOTHING wrong.  Continue reading