Chapter 2 of Rayfield Manor: The Holloway Curse

Chapter 2 of Rayfield Manor: The Holloway Curse

Chapter 2 is now available for download. See what Jay finds out as he reads his late ancestor’s journal!


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Rayfield Manor_The Holloway Curse BOOK COVER

After the memorial everyone gathered in the great room to tell stories about my family. Some of the stories were true but some of them were flat-out lies. Continue reading

My Date With A Hippo

(I created a poem using a word that started with every letter in the alphabet.)

          AS I was walking down the street, I met a guy named BRANDON. We had a short CONVERSATION and we both went our separate ways. Well the next DAY I ran into him again and this is what he had to say. “I have a friend who would love to take you out to EAT. You seem like a FANTASTIC woman to GET along with and I’m sure he would love to meet you. Continue reading

Chapter 4

Behind the Scenes_Ch4

You can download the .pdf version here^^^^

The whole day my mind was racing trying to get Lelani ready for the pageant as well as what Bryce said earlier. No matter what I did I couldn’t get him and that woman out of my head. It was like it was reenacting over and over again. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to walk down the hall and choke the hell out of him. How the hell would he want to cheat on all of this! “Ouch!” My daughter yelled. I looked at my daughter who was holding her chest. I realized that I had stuck my daughter with a needle while trying to put her contestant number on. I laughed a little and apologized. Once I got it on she turned around and looked in her length size mirror on her closet door. My baby looked beautiful. Rylee had been behind her fluffing her curls. She is a beautician and said that she would not let her Godchild go on stage with just ordinary curls. Bryce knocked on the door. “Hey is everybody decent?” I open the door and let him in.  He walks over to Lani and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Rylee walked over to me winking. I already knew what she was talking about. I haven’t seen Bryce in a suit since our wedding. Of course he wore slacks and a polo shirt for work but tonight was something on a whole new level. He knew it too because he kept looking back at me and grinning. I smiled and rolled my eyes, “Well Rylee and I are going to go ahead and go, so we can find some good seats.” I give Lelani a kiss on the forehead. “You look beautiful baby.” I give Bryce a playful punch. “I want a picture of her walking out the house, by the car, getting in the car, getting out the car and you know the rest.” Lelani giggles, “Do you want a bathroom picture too mom.” I give her another kiss, “Since you want to be smart get that too Bryce.” Bryce gives a disgusting look, “I will pass on that. Be safe. I love you.” We both look at each other awkwardly. Bryce takes a step closer, “I’m sorry, I.” Lelani cuts her off, “OMG! Dad this is my night. Go make up tomorrow!” She pushes me out the room and Rylee follows after me.

The girls and I watched the pageant up until the girl after Lelani and Bryce walked across the stage and then we left to go wait for them in her dressing room. It was good to be in the same place with the ladies. We haven’t been together in the same room at one time since the night I found out about Bryce. Rylee has been wrapped up in her marriage, Sheree and her divorce and Olivia, well she has been trying to pick up the pieces of the mess she made. Olivia was sitting on a stool in front of the vanity mirror freshening up her make up while telling us what happened. “Well that night I was dumping all of Bryce clothes out the window of my car, I went to go chill with Richie.” Olivia said. “Don’t you mean Todd?” I laughed nudging Rylee in the arm. “Shut up! You know who I meant. Anyway, I was with Todd and Richie called me asking if I wanted to see a late movie and who could say no to Richie fine ass?” Rylee answers, “Apparently you.” She said snickering. Olivia says pointing at Rylee, “No I couldn’t with your rude ass. Anyway like I was saying, I made up an excuse to leave Todd and I met Richie at the theater.” She stands up and swings her arm in the air, “Halfway through the movie guess who I saw?” Sheree says sarcastically, “Who? Todd with another woman?” Olivia turn to look at Sheree and says, “Dan how you know?” Sheree, “Girl it was bound to happen. You been playing these two since the beginning.” Olivia responds, “You got a point. Well I decided to confront his cheating ass not realizing that I was actually doing the same thing. Todd got upset I was at the movies with someone else, then Richie had the audacity to call me a hoe and leave me at the theater. Then on top of that Todd, me and the other chick got kicked out of the theater for being too loud.” Rylee laughs and says, “Well that serves you right? You can’t expect to have two or maybe three men in your case and expect them to be okay with you playing them like that.” Olivia sighs loudly and sits back down. “You might be onto to something.” She pulls out her cellphone starts to text. Sheree gets up and hands me a business card. “What is this?” I say looking down at it. “This is my lawyer’s business card just in case you need it. She is a good lawyer. She did a really good job with my divorce. She can really help you too.” Sheree says while sitting back down. Rylee snatches the card out my hand and says rudely, “She does not need that damn business card. Stop trying to ruin her damn marriage.” Sheree jumps out of her chair and steps closely to Rylee’s face. Rylee stands up like she wanted to go toe to toe with Sheree. I jumped up and grabbed Rylee hand to make sure she didn’t do swing. Olivia jumps up and steps between them. Sheree yells, “Bitch your uppity ass is getting on my nerves. You think your marriage is going to last. Bitch you just in the beginning phase. Once the lust go away you are going to be begging for my damn lawyer’s business card as well. So you need to chill out and come into reality.” “You know what you old bitter ass. You are mad because you had a chance to fix your marriage but you were bent on getting a divorce. Just because that is the route you chose don’t mean she needs to. That damn man wanted to stay in the marriage with your bitter ass but you were so stuck on stupid shit.” Rylee turns to me and continues. “I am your girl Autumn and everything I tell you right now is because I love you.” “Oh shit.” Olivia says while walking back to her seat and pulling her phone out. Rylee continues talking to me, “Yes, Bryce was wrong for talking to another woman and nothing he says can justify what he did but you also cheated on him. You cheated him out of a relationship. After you had the girls you let yourself go completely. You stopped doing your hair, stopped exercising, hell you even stopped hanging with us and we your girls. Just because you got married don’t mean you got him for life. You got to make sure you are keeping him. Hell since he at work all day you greet his ass every now and then at the door on your knees ready to go!” “Say it girlfriend!” Olivia says while fist pumping the air. “You don’t give no female space to come in and get what you got. Girl you have him so damn satisfied and happy to be with you that he is yelling to the top of his damn lungs while at work that he is a happily married man! We are your friends, we are not your husband. None of us have the right to say whether you should be married or get a divorce. We are only listening ears. So you need to figure out if you are going to be with your husband or not and if you chose to be with  him you have to learn to forgive him because bringing up that damn woman over and over again is going to drive him away.” Olivia chimes in pointing at Sheree while looking at her phone, “Ain’t that right Sheree.” Sheree storms out the room pushing past Bryce and Lelani who were walking in. Rylee gives me a hug, kisses Lelani and leaves. I look at Olivia who was focused on her cellphone. “Olivia can you take Lelani home so Bryce and I can talk in the car?” Olivia looks up from her phone and responds, “Yeah sure. I got to go over there anyway. Chauncey has been texting me saying he had something to tell me. I will see you guys there.” Olivia and Lelani leaves the room and shutting the door behind them.

Bryce and I talked for over an hour. I shed a few tears but in the end felt great. I was relieved when he said he didn’t have sex with the other woman but he still agreed to get a STD test done so I can be all the way confident. The janitor came in and we decided to go ahead and go home since my mom had guests waiting for the small get together she planned for Lelani’s first pageant. On the way home we laughed about things we wouldn’t say to each other because we weren’t talking to one another. The thing that was the funniest was the story he said about Olivia. “I’m telling you boo that girl is crazy. A guy really must have pissed her off because she was driving around tossing his clothes all over the street.” All I could was cry from laughing so hard.

Chapter 3

     Behind the Scenes_Ch3 

You can download the .pdf version here^^^^


    The next morning I walked downstairs and saw that the girls had already left. I had received a text from Bryce a few minutes before saying that we needed to talk. I didn’t know if I was ready but I know we were going to have to talk about this sooner or later. I got dressed really quickly. I didn’t have time to do something to my hair so I put it is a ponytail. I threw on some makeup then ran downstairs and cleaned the front room as quickly as I could. I heard the car pulling in the driveway so I quickly put tossed the rest of the junk lying around inside the hallway closet. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my coffee that was on the counter and sat at the table in the seat facing the outside door to the kitchen. As soon as I sat down and took a deep breath I hear the keys jiggling in the key hole and the door opened with Bryce standing there staring at me. Continue reading