About Lori


906242_10203877385365055_3354875899960060609_o                                                 I always tell myself, “I am born to be a writer.” I could write all day and you would have to pry the pen and paper(yes I started writing when I actually had to USE pen and paper) out of my hand. Then everything started to change. My life changed dramatically. Before the end of 2012 I was married with two children and I had one in the oven. Of course I was and still am happy as you could possibly imagine but I had to put my writing to the side to become a full-time stay at home mother. Late night, early mornings, diapers, hair and cleaning were the only things on my “To-Do” list for months. Every time I would start writing my mind would go blank.  If I could write something it wasn’t as nearly as good as what I use to be able to write. I would look at other people’s social media websites and become envious of what they had and I hadn’t. I felt as if they had all the creativity I use to have. I started coming up with excuses about why I couldn’t write.  I went out buying pens and pencils, notebooks, printers and computers and desks. Anything you can think of…trust me I have it. My room is a mini Office Depot.  With a BOX of writing utensils and notebooks, 3 printers, 3 computers and 3 desks……I still sat with everything in front of me with nothing to write about. I had to take a break from everything to really sit and reflect on my life.  All the time I spent trying to juggle my new life and come up with the next writing idea was a waste of time because my life is a story. I have writing inspiration every corner I turn. Instead of thinking about it to the point I endure stress headaches, why not write about the stories and scenarios that are right in front of me. That is what Lori’s Lounge is about. My site gives me the ability to write about my life and share it with my audience. I don’t just talk about one thing everyday in real life so why narrow it down to just one blog topic. Here you will be able to read and communicate about EVERYTHING because I am not just a “stay-at-home” mother and wife. I AM a creative writer as well.


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