Be a Queen and know your worth.


I am so sick and tired of females saying phrases like, “I am the main bitch.” and “He may have slept with you but he comes home to me and his kids every night.” WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Are you that insecure about yourself that you are willing to be the “main chick?” Ladies it is time we put the side chick in the gutter where she belong and it starts by knowing your worth.

We got to get our shit together. First off NO ONE deserves a cheating bastard. I am not going to say all men are the same or once a cheater always a cheater because I believe men can change. BUT NOT BY YOU! They have to want to change for themselves and unfortunately it may come after you decided to leave his cheating ass.

Women in general have to do better. It is time for you to put yourself on that high pedestal for the right person to come along and make a seat right next to you. Self-confidence is your best friend but when you don’t have it, it can be the end for your happiness. When we as women don’t know what we are worth we tend to allow ourselves to be the “other woman” or the “main chick” When in reality we are QUEENS awaiting for our KINGS.

While on that journey to self-confidence we will have obstacles that we will have to jump over and climb under; but we weren’t born with the strength to push out a human being to be stopped by road blocks along the way. You do what you got to do to reach that goal. Don’t allow what other people say to stop you from getting to self-confidence. (Unless it is a safety concern of course.) If you feel like you want a boob job, go on a diet, plastic surgery, weave, make-up…WHATEVER. Build up that self-confidence and know your worth. Know that you do not deserve to be “the other woman” and “the main chick.”

I struggled through my own insecurities for years. I felt like I wasn’t pretty enough, I had gained too much weight after my third child, my hair wasn’t as healthy as I thought I should be. My husband who KNOWS my worth was not having that. He told me to get up off my ass and do what I got to do to get my self-confidence back and get back on my pedestal where I belong. A man is not a King without his Queen.


2 thoughts on “Be a Queen and know your worth.

  1. Amen! Women need to have some self respect and know their worth. You’re right, when we know our worth and project our self confidence we are queens. Not only to ourselves, but to those around us as well.

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