Chapter 1

Here it is Chapter 1! Hope you all enjoy. ALL comments are welcome.

*Link to download smartphone/tablet version:

After the memorial everyone gathered in the great room to tell stories about my family. Some of the stories were true but some of them were flat-out lies. That wasn’t what was bothering me. Since I was sitting at my mother’s favorite rocking chair near the front porch could still hear the conversation going on outside. I could hear that it was Mrs. Caldwell talking to Mr. Henry. I leaned closer to the window to be able to hear well. “I told you Henry, he should have stayed away from that woman. She was nothing but trouble.” Mrs. Caldwell said in her annoying high pitch voice. I could hear Mr. Henry let out a big sigh and say, “Why did he need to stay away from?” I could see Mrs. Caldwell looking both ways before she said, “You know why. It’s because of that curse. Everybody knows those two last names are doomed from the start.”





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