Mom why do I have to eat Squash? I’d rather go out and play lacrosse or even get a good game of toss. I’d even sit in

the bath and wash. Mom why do we eat squash! I’d rather get bit by a wasp or brush my teeth and THIS TIME use mouthwash. If I don’t have to eat squash I will even give our car a good ol’ wash. But only if I don’t have to eat this squash. Before I could get up from the table to go for a walk, my dad put down his newspaper and I could tell this was not going to be good talk. “First of all you can’t play lacrosse or catch a play to toss. And as far as being bit by a wasp,

be my guest I have some medicine on top of my desk. Don’t talk to us about brushing your teeth. I still see the meat that you ate from last week. Finally I already washed the car but you can add a week of cutting the yard. Now with that being said, I hope you know that you just lost. So turn back around and eat your squash.


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