My Date With A Hippo

(I created a poem using a word that started with every letter in the alphabet.)

          AS I was walking down the street, I met a guy named BRANDON. We had a short CONVERSATION and we both went our separate ways. Well the next DAY I ran into him again and this is what he had to say. “I have a friend who would love to take you out to EAT. You seem like a FANTASTIC woman to GET along with and I’m sure he would love to meet you. They call him HIPPO HARRY and he is quite an INTERESTING fello. You JUST have to get to KNOW him.” At first I thought to myself, really? A hippo? I then decided that hey this would be a great story to tell my girls back home. So I decided to go out to eat with this…….Hippo Harry. I told Brandon that he should pick me up at 8pm no LATER than 8:01pm. Hey…….A girl has to have some standards. Later on that evening Harry the Hippo knocks on my door. Low and behold……he really is a hippo. I look both ways to MAKE sure that NONE OF my neighbors could see me then I jumped in his car and we PULLED off. We got to the restaurant, sat and ordered our food. Music started playing and Harry…the Hippo asked me to dance. I didn’t want to be rude so decided to go against my female instincts. We danced awhile and then our food came. As we sat I noticed Harry was eating QUITE a lot of RADISH on his SALAD, which is my favorite dish. TO my surprise after dinner he drove me to a beautiful lake. UNDER the moon I could see the beautiful dark blue and VIOLET sky. There were luscious green WILLOW trees everywhere. Harry then looked towards me like he had X-RAY vision. Harry said, “I hope YOU enjoyed yourself tonight as much as I did.” He stretched his short stout body as high as he could. I leaned down the rest of the way and we kissed. We were in separable ever since. Who would have known a ZEBRA would fall in love with a hippo.


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