My Babysitter is a Dinosaur

Once again on a Friday night, my parents came in and turned on all the lights. They sat across my bed and said. “Mrs. Rex will be here for a few hours so get out of bed and take a shower.” “BUT MOM!” I said “Mrs. Rex isn’t some old lady from Singapore. She is a mean ol’ baby eating dinosaur. Last time she was here she invited a few of her buddies and THAT is really why your carpets got so muddy. The stegosaurus ate your plants and said that they were quite tasty with the side of ants. And lets not get started on the kosmoceratops. She practically tore off all your countertops. Mom, Dad PLEASE don’t go out. I’m tired of being sneezed on by that spinosaurous’ snout!” My mom and dad exchanged a glance then my dad smiled and said, “Did a triceratops put those three holes in our hallway wall by any chance?” I shook my head as they smiled once more. Then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I

knew it was Mrs. Rex for sure. I could hear Mrs. Rex asking if she could invite a few friends over for a short card game of ten and all I could do was fall back on my bed and say, “Here we go again.”


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