Chapter 2


Behind the Scenes_Ch2

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Everything around me has been a blur since I seen my husband a few hours ago with another woman. The girls decided to come back to my house to keep me company but I couldn’t focus on them. All I could see in my head was my husband holding hands with another woman and getting in the car with her. Why would he lie about going to his friend’s house? Could I be jumping to conclusions? That could just be a female friend from work that I have not met yet. Rylee touches me on the shoulder and says softly, “Sweetie why didn’t you tell us that your marriage was in trouble?” Before I could answer Sheree says boldly, “Hell you need to separate from his cheating ass!” The words ‘divorce’ stabbed me right in the heart and I couldn’t take it anymore. I broke down crying and finally let the girls know about everything. I told them about the fights we would have about money and how he complains all the time about me not having a job. I have tried to work on more than one occasion but we couldn’t afford the daycare costs so I decided to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. Everything was finally coming out about him complaining all the time about me getting fat. I even told them about the fight where he said I forced him to get married and he felt that he was not the marrying type. While I was crying on Rylee’s shoulder my phone rang and it was Bryce. I reached to pick it up but Sheree snatched it out my hand. When she picked it up I managed to say through tears that I did not want to talk to him. Of course she revised what I said by saying loudly, “She don’t want to talk to your cheating ass!” She pause for a few seconds so he could respond and then she continued, “Oh we saw your lying ass across the street at Pop’s diner. So you busted and I hope she divorce you’re lying, cheating ass!” After she said that she hung up she tossed the phone on the couch. Rylee picks up the phone a few seconds later when Bryce called again. She answered, “Bryce Autumn is very upset right now. How about you try to call again in the morning when she has had enough time to calm down.” She gets off the phone and calls her husband to let him know that she was going to stay with me for the night and that she would be home early in the morning. After she hung up I turned around to see Olivia throwing Bryce’s clothes in a garbage bag. She looks up at all of us and says, “Just say the word and I will bleach all his shit. I will spread his shit all over this damn town! Girl just give me the word and I got you! I got to go later to be with Todd so I can just let the clothes fly out my window on the way to see him.” I could barely speak because of the big lump that had formed in my throat. Rylee responded, “Don’t do that because if they decide to stay together and work it out you are going to cause more problems.” Sheree gets up and snatches the bleach Olivia had picked up out of her hand. “Shit I will do it then. That lying bastard don’t deserve to be out looking good for other bitches!” She opens the bleach and I managed to yell, “Sheree stop now! Put the bleach down. You all are only escalating the issue and giving me a damn headache.” I sat with my hands in my lap. I didn’t know if the girls staying here was a good idea anymore. I could hear Olivia sliding the garbage bag by the door. She says, “Well I don’t want to cause you to have a headache so I am going to go ahead and go on my date.” She slips the bag out the door and continues, “I will stop by in the morning to check on you.” I nod my head without looking up. I hear the front door slam behind her as she left.

For the next few hours I just sat in silence thinking about what I did wrong and what could I do to fix all of this. If I had to I would wear makeup every day. I would have sex everyday if that’s what he wanted. After Sheree and Rylee fell asleep. I got up and went outside to sit on my porch. After a few minutes of staring up at the sky and praying to the Lord, I heard footsteps coming near me to my left. I looked over quickly to see my neighbor Chauncey standing by our wooden fence. I walked over towards the gate. “What are you doing out here so late?” I tried to sound like my normal self. “I saw Olivia earlier with a bag talking loud about some bleach I thought I should let you know. Plus I am out here all the time to think and I saw you over here staring up at the sky. It looked like you were in deep thought.” He replied. I lean on the fence for support because my knees all of a sudden felt weak thinking about my marriage again. For the next twenty minutes Chauncey sat there quiet as I poured my heart out once more. This time it was a little bit easier than earlier with my friends. After I was done he told me about his past relationships and how he is in love with someone who is right in front of him every day but she doesn’t notice. He confessed that he never told her because he didn’t want their friendship to be ruined. I told him it was probably best if he just came out and told her. We talked for a little bit more before I went back into the house. I decided to sleep in my bed and leave the girls downstairs since they took over both of my couches. I laid in my bed with probably the biggest headache I have ever had in my life. Somewhere between crying and praying to God that my husband had a good excuse for being with that woman, I fell asleep.



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