100-plus Ways to Promote Your Book for FREE

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You might have read and saved already almost a hundred websites to announce your book for FREE from these reader communities and blogs*:


However, there are even more possibilities to promote your book without incurring costs:

1. Show off your cover image
To submit a cover image of your book including a description / link – if it is an outstanding and creative book cover, show it here for free:


2. Use photo-sharing sites to show your cover image

3. Participate in a cover image contest
E-book Cover Design Awards by Joel Friedlander, for example this one here: http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2013/08/e-book-cover-design-awards-july-2013/

4. Show your book trailer everywhere
Upload your trailer not only on your website and blog, but also on Goodreads, Amazon, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and FB, but also on more than twenty major sharing sites, starting with YouTube…

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Let your walls tell your story

I am now in a place big enough for me and my family…AND I LOVE IT!!! Everything about it just says comfort, secure and livable. The only thing is that I have NEVER had to decorate a place. My mother decorated my first place and any place after that I just put my furniture in there and just….lived. Now that I am married and have three little one I want my home to have some personality.  Continue reading

First Sci-Fi Genre Mini Story

I like to push myself passed the limit when writing. I have ALWAYS been scared to write Sci-Fi because I never tried it previously. I always had interesting ideas and story plots but used so many excuses on why I shouldn’t…..SO HERE GO GUYS!!!! Comments and suggestions are always welcome. 🙂


Just click the download .PDF link below.


Grayson Holloway_The Slavarian Princess


A new chapter released every Sunday.



Write your dreams into reality.




Sometimes I feel like just giving up. I think if I drop something then maybe I could get that little bit of extra sleep I wish I had or that extra time to relax. I want the chance to spend time with friends and family on the weekends without worrying about missing work. Continue reading