A Woman’s Body Through the Eye’s of A Man


       One thing we as women have in common is that we have a sense of noticing things men usually don’t. We will notice an odd birthmark, stretch marks, one breast that is bigger than the other, hips too wide and many other things among millions. Some of us will actually sit in the mirror and find things that are wrong with us. Through research I have found that some(adult men) don’t look for the imperfections (as we would call them). They see what makes you the beautiful queen that you are.

I can tell you know my husband LOVES my body. There were times where I would complain about stretch marks or a beauty mark in a weird place or my FEET. I am 24 years old and just started wearing sandals because I have always been insecure about my feet. Every time I would start with my rant he would literally tell me, “If you don’t shut up. Everything about you is sexy.” I must admit I purposely complain just to hear him say that. 🙂 But that is how men think when it comes to our bodies. Here are a few things I have researched when it comes to a woman’s body through a man’s eyes.

A recent poll from Body Bliss showed what men thought about some of the issues we deal with everyday.

Cellulite and Stretch Marks:

85% of men don’t care or even notice them

Flat stomach

87% says a flat stomach does not last very long

What does a guy think when a woman orders dessert?

78% thinks SHE WANTS DESSERT! That’s it nothing else! 🙂 So go ahead and order that fudge chocolate brownie. 🙂

What do men think when women complain about their weight?

74% said that women who complain about their weight are a bigger TURNOFF than those who maybe could lose a few pounds but don’t let it bother them.

The point of this is that women we should embrace ourselves and who we are. If you are that uncomfortable with who you are like (weight,hair,clothes) etc, change it. Don’t sit and complain…because NOBODY likes to hear complaints everyday. I know when I kept complaining about me wanting to get into shape my husband finally said fix it or stop talking about it. At first I wanted to strangle him for talking to me like that…but I realized I was that woman complaining and doing nothing BUT that.

So just like the words from Maya Angelou herself, “Cause I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.”


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