GA Snow affects traffic

Over 900 car accidents later and 6 fires (one including a Marta train.), GA interstates are still gridlocked. There are people still locked in their cars and places of employment as well as in schools. Places such as the Civic Center, restaurants nearby interstates and gas stations are still open for those seeking shelter. There are even a few civilians walking around the interstate giving away food and water.

This all came about from the snow advisory that was set out yesterday morning. Although at first it was not considered to be big enough to close down schools, it eventually got tot the point where schools and businesses closed early. That is where the traffic gridlock came in. Mayor Kasim Reed suggested the city of Atlanta come up with a strategy to close everything when a snow storm as such happens in the future, with of course schools letting out first.

Hopefully department of safety and all other resources can get everyone out of this mess and home safely before they all have to spend another torturous night in this weather.


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