Writing my first novel: The Thought Process

I have tried only once before this to write a novel. For some reason I just couldn’t push myself to get past 41 pages. The reason being was that I was using the same thought and organizing process as I would do to write a short story.

Everything would be in my head from the beginning to the end and I wouldn’t have to write it all down because my short stories would be done in less than 30 minutes of me starting to type it. The thing with my first story I tried to turn into a novel I tried to use the same process and failed. I failed because I would try to write everything that was going on in my head but when it came to typing it I would come up with something totally different and change everything around. Eventually I just gave up and vowed to stick with short stories.
A few short stories later I came up with a concept that would be a WONDERFUL story but I had too many details to add to make it just a short story. I even thought about breaking it up into a three or four-day story for my fans. It then it me that this would be a great time to motivate my self to make my first novel.
This started off being a scary process because like I said before I tried doing my own novel and failed because I wasn’t organized. I researched a few websites and talked to a few people who had already published books and took down some great advice.
I started working on my books starting with the concept of my book, characters, the location and few other key details. I then started organizing events chronologically. I would do this chapter by chapter and whenever I felt like I was getting writer’s block. I STOPPED WRITING! Now hear me when I say I DID NOT PUT MY STORY TO THE SIDE THOUGH! I went back and reread everything and corrected (proofread) and grammar and spelling mistakes. I would usually do this four or five times in a two-day period.
When my ideas came back to mind, I went back to organizing where I left off and continued with my story. I am currently still working on my first novel and I am loving it! It feels good to know that I am writing my first novel and it will feel even better when I write down my last word. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Writing my first novel: The Thought Process

  1. Don’t get me started on trying to write a novel but it ends up just being a short story. I’m glad you found a way to get through the thought process though and thanks for sharing

    1. OH I am still working on it. I am on page 56 and it’s like WHAT MORE CAN I WRITE!!!!! But I feel if I keep up with this process and pushing myself I will get there.

      1. Thanks! Sorry it took me so long! I am trying to find a better template for my website. I am going to gear more towards my book and later make one about my personal life. Right now it is too much going on.

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