The Transfer of Energy

So the other day at work, I ran into an old school friend of mine. It always feel good running into old friends, but I will soon regret this statement. We hugged. He began telling me about all the things going on his life, and I shared some of mine. Throughout our conversation, he kept reminding me of my beauty and how I suppose to be his girlfriend. But all my mind could focus on was the fact he was MARRIED.  So now I’m trying to cut the conversation short. Luckily for him, he caught the hint………….Well late that night as I peacefully fell asleep, I had a nightmare. It was about my old high school friend and it was featuring his WIFE.  I was trying to figure out why in the world was he in my dream and why did I feel like the bad guy, when I did NOTHING wrong.  Well some people call it transferring of energy, while the old folks call it transferring of them spirits. Either way, his energy was passed to me, and left me feeling the guilt he feels for cheating on his wife. See in life, people will unwillingly give you there problems, their stress, or in my case, their guilt. We have to really be careful what we allow around us or in our life. When I hugged my old friend and allowed him to speak out his sins toward me, I received that energy.  So think about it, if what I experienced was only from a 10 minute conversation. What do you think happens when a person constantly entertains unnecessary and negative energy? Be very careful of the company you keep. It does matter!!! The way my mother use to teach me to decide on the people I should have as my friend, was math. She would say “Treat people like a math problem. Put addition signs on the people adding to your life. Put subtraction signs on the people taking away from your life. And once you do that make sure you divide your time and multiply your love.” It helped me tremendously; I never had a hard time subtracting or adding. It became fairly easy for me. But also be aware of the energy you put out. If you find yourself always alone or you have a hard time maintaining relationships, then YOU are more than likely the reason. Learn how to create positive energy within yourself. It makes it easier for you to identify and accept it when it is in your presence. Yes, the world is full of negative, we see it daily. We are always surrounded by it. But think about this, does night not have day? Does up not have down, does no not have yes? If you answer no, then you may stop reading now because you are more than lost. But if you answered yes, then pay attention. Yes negative energy constantly surrounds us daily. But then that would have to mean that positive energy would also have to surround us daily. So now it’s a matter of choice, because both exist. It’s up to us having to choose which energy we want to create, pass on, and receive daily. Just remember this, whatever you choose is no one else’s fault but your own. So choose wisely for a better consequence.

4 thoughts on “The Transfer of Energy

  1. This sucked. lol J/K Great job Keisha! And I agree with everything u said. I remember when you told me about your encounter and the dream u had. I think he suffers from delusions of grandeur cuz you wasn’t supposed to be his girlfriend. If it were so then God would have made that possible. Tell him to shut his face. lol Keep up the blogs missy!

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