2014 New Years Resolution

2014 new years resolution

I had actually stopped making New Years resolutions because I felt like they were just a boring traditional thing were everyone lied about what they wanted to do the next year and then turn around and live the EXACT same way. But this year I am going to start back with my resolutions and keep track of them in my journal to make sure I keep my promises. I am happy to say here are my New Years Resolutions!!

1.) Lose the rest of my “baby fat.” I think it is safe to say that it is not baby fat but belly fat. I had my daughter over 8 months ago it is time to let that phrase go. I have already started by eating less junk and more healthy food so now it is time to bring on the running and crunches.

2.) Finish my novel. I have been writing short stories since I was eleven years old. I think it is time to step into the novel world. I have a set goal of a month to have the first draft done. I believe I am doing good so far since I already have the first few chapters ready to be proofread.

3.) Become the wife, mother and person the good Lord has intended me to be. I can be the first to say that………..IT TAKES FOREVER TO GET “MADE UP”and get the kids ready! Then still make sure the house is in order and dinner is cooked…and lets not forget making sure my wonderful husband is taken care of…BUT this is what I asked for. I asked for my children, my husband, my house, etc. Take it how you want it but I want people to come in my house and be jealous. I want them to think “Dang, how is it that she has the time to do all of this AND STILL look good!” :)

These are my three main resolutions. I am sure there will be more but these are the most important to me.


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